Wool Wax Creme - 9oz Jar

Wool Wax Creme - 9oz Jar
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Product Description

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Made in the USA - Montana

Wool Wax Creme is a lightly scented skin care product that leaves the skin dry to the touch without that "oily skin cream" feeling. Wool Wax helps to counteract chapping, roughness, cracking and dry skin problems.

Wool Wax Creme is a lanolin based product. Lanolin is a naturally produced by-product of wool. An excellent skin care product that is popular for a wide range of uses and users.

Wool Wax is a favorite among:

Horse Shoers




Construction Workers

Anyone with skin exposed to water, sun, or solvents

History -

Wool Wax Creme was first produced in the state of Washington. It was developed by Margaret Harrison, a pharmacist in the service of the nucleonic division of a contractor. They had requested a protective hand cream for the laboratories who were in the research work. At the request of pharmacists and residents in the area, it was also placed on the market for consumer use.

Since it contains lanolin and has a waxy appearance the product was called Wool Wax Creme. "Formula AT-10", was added to the name of the skin cream to signify that this was the tenth attempt to perfect the formula. Besides lanolin, Wool Wax contains emollients and emulsifying agents.

Wool Wax Creme has never before been advertised. The Wool grower industry, interested in the product because of the name and the use of lanolin, began selling Wool Wax in other states and a nation wide demand was started. Wool Wax is now sold in all 50 states to some degree.