NEUE SCHULE Transform Weymouth Bit - Dressage Legal

NEUE SCHULE Transform Weymouth Bit - Dressage Legal
Item# 8010-7FB
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Product Description

Transform Weymouth

Is your horse overactive in the mouth? Is he inwardly fixated on the presence of the doubles and not focusing fully on the rein aids? This revolutionary new design has proven to be an excellent solution. The mouthpiece traces a subtle convex arc, which, when the curb rein is employed, rotates the Weymouth cheeks back at approximately 45°. The curb chain is engaged at this point restricting further rotation and simultaneously the mouthpiece rotates forwards, coming to rest vertically within the mouth. It does not roll forwards onto the thinner more sensitive area of the tongue. The Transform is also beneficial for the “short smile” (small distance from the corner of the lip to the muzzle), as it will sit further back in the mouth and this leaves more room for the bridoon (snaffle part of the double). This Weymouth is so comfortable that it deters the horse from drawing his tongue back in order to relieve pressure. As The Transform sits further back in the mouth there is usually insufficient room behind the mouthpiece to enable the horse to get his tongue over it. This is very useful if this evasion has become a confirmed habit, many times exacerbated through tension.