NEUE SCHULE Team Up Bradoon Bit

NEUE SCHULE Team Up Bradoon Bit
Item# 9012-55
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Product Description

Team Up Bradoon

Dressage Legal

Develop the partnership with this gentle all-purpose training bit. We have redesigned the traditional French link to address some inherent design and ergonomic issues. The Team Up is smoothly contoured over the tongue and therefore does not dig in, delivering a much gentler action. Ergonomically curved to encompass the tongue and align itself underneath the upper palate this mouthpiece gives very even gentle weight distribution. The Neue Schule Team Up alleviates mouth over activity and tongue evasions therefore promoting a softer more consistent contact. It encourages the horse to soften through the jaw relaxing and lengthening the neck. Beneficial for the short tense neck without causing the horse to lean. Reinforces the turning aid. The 12 mm bradoon with neat 55 mm rings is used with the Weymouth or on a small head. The 12 mm with the 70 mm rings normally offers extra lift from the shoulder.