NEUE SCHULE Slimma Weymouth Bit - Dressage Legal

NEUE SCHULE Slimma Weymouth Bit - Dressage Legal
Item# 8015-5-7FV
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Product Description

Slimma Weymouth

Dressage Legal

The Tack Room Continues to bring the best to our customers. "Slimma" Weymouth gives a good lifting action without upper palate interference. A very unobtrusive design that sits well back in the mouth over the thicker, less sensitive part of the tongue. The “Slimma” Weymouth is anatomically designed to take up very little room in the mouth bridging the tongue (tongue relief) and contouring snugly under the upper palate leaving much more space for the bradoon – hence a thicker bradoon is an option that may benefit a horse that is tentative into the contact. The 14 mm normally offers extra lift from the shoulder and takes up less room in the mouth than thicker mouthpieces.