Passier Caveson Special with Bit Ring Recess

Passier Caveson Special with Bit Ring Recess
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Product Description

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Especially Kind and Comfortable

The Passier Caveson Special is now available in a version with a bit ring recess which is especially gentle on the horse’s mouth.

The new noseband shape avoids any contact with the bit ring so that even the most sensitive of horses will not experience any pinching or twinging at the mouth.

The Caveson Special with bit ring recess has been designed particularly for the Passier Libra and Taurus Double Bridles as well as for the Passier Gemini, Aries and Juno Snaffles.

Leather | Finest Passier bridle leather

Features | Stainless steel fittings, available with or without flash strap

Sizes | Cob size, full size, over size

Colors | Black, Havana