Kavalkade Soft Lunging Surcingle

Kavalkade Soft Lunging Surcingle
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Product Description

Kavalkade Soft Lunging Surcingle
- Choice made of polypropylene material

- Choice made of padded soft artificial lambswool

- two sided adjustment

- nylon girth straps

- 11 ring

Size: Pony, Full

Fittings: silver

Color: Black

This Lunging Surcingle is made of a soft material and the under-laid will protect against pressure points with an artificial lambswool, which can be adapted ideally to the horses back.

By the amount of rings all kind of reins can be used in different positions.

This lunging Surcingle is light and extremely stable. It is good for young horses, and can be individually adjusted.

In addition, this Surcingle can be strapped over the saddle and will not scratch the leather.