Kavalkade Running Reins

Kavalkade Running Reins
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Product Description

Kavalkade Running Reins
Color: Black Leatther

Fittings: silver

Kavalkade Running Reins are a modification of the side reins. The reins start between the front legs of the horse and go through the bit rings back to the lunging girth or saddle billets. In contrast to the side reins the forward-downward movement of the horse is possible when using triangle reins and frames the horse to the side. The correct version to put on the running reins allows easy lifting of the horse's head just before the vertical.

The reins are widely used as training aids for riding to training or lunging. Through different height positions attached to the saddle billets or Lunging caveson, it is possible to vary according to the establishment of the level of training of the horse.

The running reins of Kavalkade are reasonably priced and are made of high quality leather.