Fleck IMPULS! Flex Ergo Balance Grip Dressage Whip

Fleck IMPULS! Flex Ergo Balance Grip Dressage Whip
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Product Description

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This whip has the same whip shaft as the superflex whip. It provides a gentle but firm application of the whip aid.

Fleck is a German-based manufacturing company who only uses the best materials, manufacturing precision and well-matched designs in the production of Fleck riding crops and whips to produce attractive and unique products that meet the highest demands of equestrian sport. The Fleck dressage whips are light-weight, yet robust whips which offer perfect balance and flexibility. Because of these qualities and their superb precision and innovative design they are valued by professional and amateur riders throughout the world. The Impuls whip features a lengthened handgrip to provide riders with several holding options. The handle is manufactured from several integrated materials which allow the hand to glide while still providing a firm grip. In addition the assymetrical end of the grip prevents the rider's hand from slipping off the whip. Designed with a flexible whip shaft and tassled end this whip sets new standards for ease of use and functionality.