Equi-N-icE Therapy Bandage

Equi-N-icE Therapy Bandage
Item# 22-2100

Product Description

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The Equi-N-icE bandage is a re-usable cotton mesh bandage treated with a unique coolant--no danger of tissue damage or discomfort from the treatment itself.

Store in the re-sealable package provided. The combination of cooling action and bandage compression helps to reduce or prevent swelling in injured tendons and ligaments.

If the bandage is left on, it simply dries out without constricting and can be recharged with Equi-N-icE liquid coolant.

Lowers temperature up to 27F and stays cold up to 3 hours.

Ready-to-use, no mixing or special preparation necessary.

No need to refrigerate or freeze.

Non-toxic, non-irritating, no lingering odor, and safe to handle.