Click Hock Shield Ultra Protection

Click Hock Shield Ultra Protection
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Product Description

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Outer Shell – tear-resistant neoprene Lining – soft fleece

Because some products can burn skin when wrapped, please consult veterinarian when using medications under our Shields.

Plan on replacing your Hock Shields after about 3 months of full-time wear. However, some horses have been known to wear their Hock Shields for 6-12 months.

Some horses may grow white hairs on back of leg where top band rubs.

If your horse has neoprene sensitivity, do not use these products.

Hock Shield – US Patent #8,132,543

Hock Shield Ultra – US Patent Pending

Size Chart


13″ – 13.9″ = S

14″ – 14.9″ = M

15″ – 15.9″ = L

16″ – 16.9″ = XL