Stubben 1894 Dressage Saddle

Stubben 1894 Dressage Saddle
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Stubben 1894 Dressage Saddle
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size 34/X-Wide x one

The Tack Room Continues to set the standard for quality Products for a great value. Here is an example from Stubben. Stübben has combined it’s top quality craftsmanship with its best price yet. The 1894 comes standard with a special deluxe leather, narrow twist tree, a stabilizing billet system and gusset panels. Special features include patent leather accents, larger channel space, and a special soft seat.


Color: Black only

Tree: NT tree with long points

Panel Options: Gussets are standard, no other options

Billets: Stabilizing billet system with 2 long billets only

Flap Length: 43cm only

Special features: patent leather finish

Channel space, special soft seat